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Mahatma Gandhi Speech in English: Honorable forum, Principal sir, all the learned gurus and brothers and sisters who study with me. As you all know, today we have gathered here to celebrate the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, the father of our country.



Special thanks to my classroom teacher for giving me the opportunity to speak on this auspicious occasion of Gandhi Jayanti.



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Friends, today is the day of 2 October, on this day in 1869, a great man was born in Porbandar district of Gujarat state, who succeeded in defeating the world’s most powerful imperial power Britain while living a life on the path of truth and non-violence.




Had Born in a Gujarati Brahmin family, Mahatma Gandhi whose full name was Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. His father’s name was Karamchand and his mother’s name was Putlibai. At the age of just 13, he was married to Kasturba. He got his initial education from a school in his district.




Mahatma Gandhi Speech in English Written



He was sent to England for further studies, from where he returned to India on the barrister’s (advocacy) studies. Mahatma Gandhi practiced in Ahmedabad for some time, he had to go to South Africa in connection with a case. Gandhiji’s journey to Africa was the turning point of his life. They also had to face the tyranny of the Ghori government in South Africa along with the indigenous people and the diaspora.



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Once during the train journey, he sat in the compartment of the Goro people. Due to the policy of apartheid, the British threw Gandhi out of the box. Hurt by this incident, he started a satyagraha against apartheid in South Africa itself. Gandhi returned to India in 1915 after becoming a place of equality to some extent.




When Gandhiji returned to India, some peasant leaders made him aware of the incidents of exploitation of farmers by local indigo traders and zamindars. He led the peasant movements in the areas called Kheda and Champaran against the exploitation of farmers and laborers.




When the British government came to know about this type of Satyagraha, he ordered Gandhiji to be jailed. But he did not want to let the farmers and laborers get a ray of hope in any case. Therefore, he continued his protest movement under the leadership of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and issued an ultimatum of the movement to release Gandhiji. Realizing the situation, the British Government, accepting all the demands of the movement, released Mahatma Gandhi from prison.




Mahatma Gandhi speeches in English




In this way, after the success of the first political struggle in India, he resolved to liberate India on the basis of truth and non-violence. After this, on 13 April 1919, Gandhiji started the non-cooperation movement in protest against the killing of thousands of innocent civilians by the British government at a place called Jaliwala Bagh in Punjab.




In this movement, all the Indian officers, teachers and all the Indians working in the English service gave up their work and came on the streets in support of Gandhiji. After this, Gandhi also led the Dandi Salt Satyagraha, Swadeshi Movement, Harijan Movement and Quit India Movement. India got independence on 15 August 1947, Mahatma Gandhi’s biggest contribution to this.




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For the independence of the country, Mahatma Gandhi spent many years of his life in prison cells, when India got freedom. Gandhi, who started a career in the legal profession, became so popular that people started calling him surnames like Mahatma and Bapu “Father of the Nation“.





Mahatma Gandhi was a true patriot and great freedom fighter as well as a good social reformer. Throughout his life, he took bold steps to end the evils prevailing in the society. Gandhi, who considers cleanliness to be a godly virtue, was the first person to work towards making India clean by taking out a broom in his own slums.






Harijan movement and various programs for Dalit emancipation were carried out to end the prevailing orthodoxies and untouchability and atrocities and discrimination by upper castes with lower caste people. Gandhi Jayanti is an occasion in which we should resolve to remember such a great man and walk in his path.




Those who had imagined a prosperous, independent and clean India, in which, without any high and low discrimination, equally basic facilities should be provided to all the citizens. In the end, on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, I would just like to say this. It is generally believed that gram alone cannot break.




But Gandhiji started one such mission which was almost impossible to complete. But with the strong intention of doing some noble work, the number of people who went behind went to millions of crores. Similarly, in order to get rid of the problems prevailing in the society and country today, we need another Mahatma Gandhi who is among us.




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