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2nd golmej parishad The Gandhi-Irwin Agreement was finished. Gandhiji left for London on August 29, 1931, to participate in the Second Golmachal Council.


He was the only representative of Congress to participate in the Council. Gandhiji himself said, “There is every possible chance of returning empty-handed from this council.” They were right too.



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After reaching there on September 12, 1931, his hand was dry. Despite this, his travels became the subject of discussion among the people there. The stories about Gandhiji began to be called. It was a great thing for British citizens that a simple, honest, sincere person came in between them. Gandhiji’s personality influenced everyone.



After reaching London, Gandhiji stayed in Kingsley Hall of the West Bank of East End. Through his public service and simple nature, Gandhiji won the hearts of the youth and the elderly class there. They became the favorite of everyone. Their innocence, kindness broke the boundaries of nation and nation. When people used to tell him about their children, their answer would be, “You can wear four tones, I can not wear four babies.”



There was a pleasant event in Gandhiji’s visit to England. It was his meeting with mill workers of Lancashire. In India, the direct hit of excommunication of foreign women was lying on these people and many lakhs of workers were lost. All workers meet them with great humility and love. A useless laborer even said so, “I am a worthless laborer, but if I were in India, then what Gandhiji did.”



While returning, Gandhiji went to meet Roman Roland in Switzerland. In a meeting of the Fascist there he explained that the belief of ‘God is the truth’ is more powerful than the belief that ‘Truth is God.’



On the day Gandhiji reached Bombay, on that day he said, “My trip to England and Europe for three months has not been completely useless.” I felt that the eastern country is the eastern country and the western countries are western. There is a lot of similarities, it does not matter who is in an environment, within all, the flower of faith and love is spreading its fragrance. ”



Gandhiji soon realized that the ‘Gandhi-Irwin’ agreement was dissolved by the British government. She has been put in the trash bin. The new viceroy Lord Willingdon had created many uneven conditions with his new black law. It was common for the people to shoot them and shoot them.



Congress leader Jawaharlal Nehru, who went to receive Gandhiji in Bombay, was arrested on the way. When Gandhiji reached Bombay on December 28, 1931, he had said, “I think that this ordinance is a gift from us on behalf of our Christian viceroy Lord Willingdon.” One week later, arresting Gandhiji and locking him in Yerawada prison. The punishment was not taken until the court was adjourned.



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The first Round Table Conference was held in London from November 12, 1930, to January 13, 1931. This conference was terminated on January 19, 1931, as a result of the boycott of Congress.



The point is 1931. In India, the freedom movement was getting furious, Gandhi’s salt satyagraha had been completed and Bhagat Singh had been hanged. The British government was busy preparing for the second round table and wanted to make it successful.


Since Gandhi did not participate in the first round table, he had proved to be a flop show and that’s why the British wanted Gandhi to take part in that Round Table Conference. Here Gandhi, for the last time, wanted to torture the British about their involvement in the Round Table.



The British intelligence agents, journalists, and political activists used to participate in Gandhi’s programs every day and tried to find out if they would participate in another Round Table Conference. But Gandhi was not letting anyone feel ashamed!



In the summer of the same year, when the sun was blowing fire, one day Gandhi suddenly told Kasturba between his daily activities- “Ba, prepare hot clothes!” A young journalist heard this and gave the news to news agencies that Mahatma is going to participate in the Second Round Table Conference. Because there was a lot of heat in India at that time and there was no question of wearing hot clothes. The need for hot clothes could have been in London.



That young journalist was named Durgadas. This was Durgadas, who later became editor of a newspaper like Hindustan Times and later who played a key role in the establishment of the Press Club.



The failure of the second round table conference and the story of Gandhi’s opposition to the British in it is known. But during Gandhi’s visit to London, there were two interesting events that did not get much space in history. Gandhi used his visit to achieve every platform where he could keep the question of India’s independence in front of the world. In this connection, he met with opposition leaders, non-governmental organizations, the British press and everyone in England who could meet him. Only Winston Churchill did not meet those who did not like Gandhi.



But Gandhiji got the time to meet George V, from the British monarch. The Emperor’s Secretary strongly warned Gandhi that he should wear clothes properly and be present in front of the emperor and take care of the protocol. But Gandhi did not follow it intentionally and he reached the monarch only under the authority of the fakir.


That meeting of Gandhi and the British Emperor was a monologue, he had to listen to allegations of unrestricted brother George V to spread disturbance in India and even got awards. Gandhi smiled and told the emperor that he is reading the lesson of non-violence to the Indian people, which is his ancient lifestyle.


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Well, after Gandhiji’s exit, when Gandhi came out of the palace, the British press surrounded him and asked a variety of questions. A journalist said to the satire: “Mr. Gandhi, you are also living in England. At least clothes should have you wear them correctly. Should have been presented in a decent way before the emperor “. Gandhi’s answer was that – the piece of my piece was worn by the emperor!



Cut the press and not blood! Gandhi’s courage to print such an answer could have been very few newspapers!



In Gandhi’s visit, a person got him decided by the famous English star Charlie Chaplin. Charlie appreciated Gandhi’s efforts on India’s independence and asked Gandhi why he is so skeptical about the machines. Gandhi replied that he was not anti-machines, but because of the machines, one person is against the exploitation of another person.




Charlie Chaplin, who grew up in the industrial environment of America-Europe, did not understand these things at the time. But after four years i.e. in 1936 i.e. Charlie produced, directed and acted in a movie called “Modern Times”. In that film, the struggle of machine, unemployment and one man has been shown to be poignant.



After several years, the biographer of Charlie Chaplin wrote that perhaps five years ago, this effect of Gandhi’s meeting in London was that the great filmmaker like Charlie made that film called Modern Times. That evening in London, the mystic of Hindustan was heavier on that film superstar. So Mahatma Gandhi was such that his influence was impressive even at the great superstars and emperors of that era.


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